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Based in the UK and the USA our lead traders cover the European, UK and US Opening Bells.

You can trade LIVE with the team if you are a MASTERCLASS member – email simon@institution.co.uk for more details and to discover how we can help you learn to trade as a professional. 

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The Wizards of Pips have TAKEN OVER the extremely successful and consistent Mr Wick indicator (one of the world’s leading Telegram indicators) as well as their telegram groups, we took it and added extra features and VASTLY improved the way it works – SIGNALS in the zones that matter.

Works on ALL pairs, indicies and futures

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NEW Wizards of Pips Version 1.13 UPDATED with Areas of Interest and custom alerts

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AS SHOWN and demonstrated by Simon in the video above.

The new version of the extremely popular indicator (formerly Mr Wick), we took the already amazing Mr Wick indicator and improved it, adding the ability to define specific areas of interest as well as set the level of sensitivity of those alerts. KNOW exactly when to trade and more importantly when NOT to trade.

THIS IS IN OUR OPINION the best indicator we have ever used, and we have tried 100’s.

WORKS on all pairs, forex, indices, gold, futures. ANY TIME FRAME, completely customisable. Great for day traders, swing traders, scalpers alike.

Descover the areas on the chart where trades that matter happen AND where the smallest risk to biggest rewards are. The indicator will show you the break of structure as well as change of character AND the fair value gaps (smart money concepts) sit PLUS your SL, TP and take everything into one easy to use system.

AFTER this MAY LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFER – $499 lifetime licence OR $125 per month. AFTER the May 2024 the price moves to $499 or $125 per month (the only way around that is to take advantage of the lifetime special off now, during MAY 2024.

OG_AI aka
Simon Young

Ex marketer and eCommerce business owner, Simon transitioned to full time trading in 2023 having spent 3 years learning, teaching and developing bots.

He trades the London session primarily concentrating on the German DAX index (GER40) as well as the Japanese Yen and Euro pairs.

Crypto_Jedi aka Domingo Silvas

Based in the US Domingo trades the US open as well as likes to intra-day trade Gold and traditional FOREX pairs. 

Having started more than 15 companies (many of which went to 8 figures in revenue) he has worked with many of the world’s top traders and now joins our team as one of the founders.

Team Samba
Sammy & Amber

As a pair Sammy and Amber have been working with OG, Crypto_Jedi and Andy_P for over 3 years, learning a lot along the way. 

They help moderate as well as teach the beginners in the academy – make these two your friends and you will go far. 


Andrew Price

Andy runs our private signals group and includes daily calls and trades from 5 world leading paid signal groups, groups that we have paid $1000’s to become members of as well as trades from our own master traders.

You’ll often find Andy in the Discord and trading with members in the mastermind.

Anthony Mayer

Having traded on and off for years Johnny is an enthusiastic trader and comes onto the live sessions most days to help out the community and bring his own trading style to the room.

Trading mainly FOREX and core indicies he has grown in confidence over the last year.

Jorge Raziel

A true master trader Jorge loves GOLD and trades it nearly every trading session. As well as gold he is a swing trader looking to take advantage of the higher timeframes. 

His strategies will suit many traders who also have full time jobs, just 10 minutes a day can make a big bag!

Mike Hollen

Mike codes, breaks down bots and loves to build systems. The in-house tech genius helps people get under the hood of bots and trading systems like no other. 

Building out bots that trade while you sleep – who doesn’t want to have that working for them!


Brian Roberts

Our private signals group includes daily calls and trades from 5 world leading paid signal groups, groups that we have paid $1000’s to become members of as well as trades from our own master traders.

This guy makes 1000+ PIPS a week on average – follow him!


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Our Mission and Vision

Wizards of Pips is a brand wholly owed by Institution Trading UK.

We are a community of traders who help each other navigate the complex financial markets on a daily basis. 

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It is our mission to transform the way traders think about the markets. We’ve seen so many people becoming disillusioned not long into their trading careers, many give up or are victims of scams. With so much information out there it is very easy to lose your way and either end up confused or be sucked into paying thousands for courses that are barely worth a fraction of that.

We see a world where traders work together to help each other while building a strong community. Join us.

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