The benefits of video

Video is changing the way we communicate and drive our businesses forward. Not only are the engagement levels massively high, they really help your message stand out.

We all know video is more engaging than a blog, static image or text post. Let’s face facts, nobody wants to read any more. YouTube has overtaken TV in terms of watched hours. The issue is that most companies still think video is time consuming and expensive to make. Here at Institution we help clients produce quality video for use on their websites, at exhibitions or on their social media channels.

In our experience, video, when done well (more on that later), drives sales, leads, engagement and brand awareness to whole new levels.

At Institution, our team of experts not only help with scripting, keywords and full production, we also start the process by understanding your objectives, your goals and ensuring its robust form all aspects of a multi channel marketing plan.

In short, well planned, well thought out, well executed and well delivered to maximise spend and ROI

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