As Google Partners, our technician specialists work with all of the Google products, including AdWords. We’ve been designing and developing, over the last 12 months, our new to market and game changing IDAR system . Hardly anyone talks about OTS (opportunities to see) any more but within paid advertising, as the internet grows so does the opportunity for your adverts to be seen – there is massive advantage to be gained with the right plans and strategy.

Equally, traditional AdWords campaigns shouldn’t cost your business a fortune to run (a recent example of this would be a client who came to us and was paying his current agency £600 a month to run his £1500 budget. On investigation, we found his existing agency partner was spending only 1 hour a month running the account) – this is a scandal and again, another example of how certain companies in the industry use it as a licence to print money, a practice that should be stamped out. Want to talk about Google and paid campaigns? Please get in touch.

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