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Did you know it is completely FREE to have your brand shown for 29 seconds as an In-Stream advert? If the viewer clicks ‘skip’ you don’t pay a single penny. That means you as the advertiser are ONLY paying for people who engage with your message.

When you do pay the clicks are costing pence, not pounds like traditional PPC.

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Achieving a guaranteed ROI & Acquiring new customers

Right now YouTube Ads are without doubt the best value for money form of advertising any brand can undertake, fact. If your brand isn’t taking advantage this is definitely something you should consider.

We can help you target competitors channels, specific keywords, custom intent audiences, topic based search, the possibilities and opportunities are endless – there are currently more than 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every SECOND! That means the advertising space available is immense and hardly anyone is taking advantage yet.

Here at Institution Marketing we have built a tried and tested system which designs and implements the best possible audience for your videos (don’t worry if you’ve not got a video ready, we can help you make one and script it for best response rates) we’ve got clients spending as little as £5 a day and getting 10’s of thousands of views, other clients spend £1000’s per day and getting millions of impressions, views and clicks. Most importantly they are attracting new customers at costs far lower than Facebook or other channels.

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“This is 100x better than TV advertising, more targeted and available to ANY business or brand. By far best piece of marketing any company can undertake in 2020, fact”

YouTube video marketing

What are the costs and the next steps?

No matter how large or small your budget we can deliver serious results, when the average cost per view is around 1p (yes that’s right £0.01) you can place your brand front and center in the channels YOU choose. We help build your perfect audience and continually monitor your results to provide what we are famous for – Measurable Results. If you want to find out more please book an initial chat with one of our experts by filling in the enquiry form below, find out how we can take your brand awareness to the next level and most importantly deliver customers and new business using YouTube.

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What results can you expect?

Example success

Small campaign example for a recent client (for a boxing related product). Budget of £300 achieved 27,172 views, 75,378 impressions with a view rate of 36%, average cost per view £0.01 and appeared in placements such as iFL TV, BT Sport Boxing, Sky Sports Boxing, BT Sport, Counterpunch Boxing News. This was running ahead of the Tyson Fury vs Wilder fight. Even though it’s a super competitive market the CPV is still only £0.01.

Result: Increase in subscribers by 25x 


Larger media budget example for a training provider (barbering). Budget of £27,410, achieved 1,470,705 views, 9,729,676 impressions, 15% view rate, average cost per view £0.02 and appeared in some of the leading influencer channels in YouTube placements such as Jonny Carey (850K subscribers), Sam Villa Hair (750K+ subscribers), Woody & Kleiny (2.5M subscribers), 360Jeezy (2.8M subscribers) plus another 1000+ targeted placements.

Result: Best month ever for sales, double their seasonal historical performance.

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Our team is lead by Andy Price and Simon Young, founders of Institution Marketing and Advertising. Between them they have over 50 years combined experience in online and traditional marketing.

Simon’s tech knowledge combined with the brand knowledge of Andy means that Institution have a real USP and advantage over other agencies. Our experience includes work on many household name brands as well as 1000’s of SME’s. Jenna is one of the UK’s leading Facebook Ads consultants and manages daily budgets for clients in excess of £3,000.

'The' next big marketing advantage in 2020?

We’ve seen people charging £400 – £500 a day as a ‘consultant’ going into clients’ premises to train their teams or manage big campaigns, our monthly fee however starts at as little as £500 to run your YouTube channel and adverts.

As your spend increases, as does our monthly fee (releative to the amount of work required to manage your spend and channel). It’s really affordable to get going and you can have a campaign live within a week driving new business and brand awareness.

Please do get in touch, for more information email our Managing Director simon@institution.co.uk

Full Ad campaign with reporting and audience management - from £500 per month + vat

Why should I use Institution for my YouTube adverts and campaign? 

At Institution we believe in being transparent, honest and one of our core values is to pass on knowledge and further all our skills, we’ve been building successful ad campaigns online for 20 years, staying ahead with tech and opportunities is our mission.

We are not here to rip people off with ‘thin thinking and light knowledge’.

But to share and collectively become better.

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