Social Media

Social Media campaigns – do you see and understand the value? Over the last few years, we’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of agencies don’t understand how to get a return on investment from Social – yes, they do it for clients but it’s often not well thought through and is inconsistent. That has lead to many clients taking their social in-house as it’s not seen as a revenue or sales generator. As the social networks look to generate advertising revenues, most business owners have then been shy to put budgets consistently behind promotion on social. Consequently, engagement figures can be low and again, business owners struggle to see value.

We can show you how to drive engagement and more importantly, we WILL show you, through our transparent approach, why we are making the recommendations and implementing particular strategies. Have you lost faith in social? Perhaps your current agency delivers creative that’s dull or uninspiring? Are your engagement figures embarrassingly low? Give us a call, we are truly different.

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