ELR & Robinson Hornsby

ELR & RH came to us with a need for better social media management and content as well as a couple of new websites. Previously they had pushed house adverts on social media and little else. This was useful but needed backing up with meaningful, underlying, informative posts and interesting topical items. The pitch was to make these two local estate agents ‘local experts’, so not only pointing out that various houses were for sale, but also going into detail about the house, its surrounding area and what benefits there were associated with buying that particular property. This came in the form of videos and static posts to try and start conversation about the local areas to gain a bit of useful engagement.

The websites were both in serious need of an overhaul both from a UI and design point of view and also from a UX and technical point of view. Essentially, this was a full modernisation of an old site. This included the use of more energetic elements and, following the lead from the ‘local experts’ point of view, the use of local, high resolution, well-edited imagery. From that base point we massively improved their UX flow adding relevant CTAs as well as completely changing the way people flowed through and interacted with the sites. This paid dividends as conversions from the site went up almost immediately as well as starting a conversation about how well presented their new sites were, thus improving customer confidence in the brands.

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