Coaching for Change

CFC are a management and leadership culture training company. We were appointed following their recent management buyout to support their marketing across all channels as well as networking and a new site. We redesigned their event materials, business cards and gave their social media a lick of paint by adding watermarks to their images to push a bit more brand presence in their posts. This was supported by various photo shoots and video sessions to add CFC’s personality into the social media offering. Their main push however was to produce live stream seminars that were monetised to add authority to the brand and keep their work premium.

The website was designed with their unique personality in mind. This was a modern, high energy site that increased the presence of the brand colours in an impactful way that put them leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors. The UX pass on the site was geared towards their selling of their courses through a ticket selling ecommerce offering. This meant driving traffic to various landing pages on SEO, therefore a good bit of thought needed to go into how people would flow from these different avenues to get them to the point of purchasing tickets for their organisation for CFC’s training courses.

Coaching for Change | Institution Marketing and Advertising