Ackworth School

Ackworth are an independent school based in the Wakefield area. They consistently market to the local area and to the international community in order to maintain brand visibility and maintain enrolment numbers. We were contracted for a number of things but mostly this broke down to three main areas:

Ongoing social media management and support.
Print advertising such as prospectus design and print, school banner updates, POS, newsletters etc.
A website refresh to bring them up to more modern standards as well as boost the technology behind the site to make it quicker and therefore benefit from additional passive SEO benefits associated with having a much quicker site.

We took an ‘on-brand’ approach to keep everything less disjointed whilst also emphasising the inclusive and family values of the school, moving the tone from being quite austere to a much gentler narrative, thereby boosting interest in the local area compared to many of their competitors.

Another branch to Ackworth’s revenue stream is international students from different countries around the world. Ackworth wanted to boost the number of international enrolments. Part of the strategy towards that was the formation of a Football Academy headed by a former premiership footballer. We provided the design and print support for this in the form of a Football Academy prospectus, which had a very different flavour to the rest of the school. In taking the tone more towards popular football style notes, we managed to generate a great deal more interest and Ackworth enjoyed a record year on international students.

Ackworth School | Institution Marketing and Advertising
Ackworth School | Institution Marketing and Advertising
Ackworth School | Institution Marketing and Advertising