Welcome to our ground-breaking disruptive tech. The clever bods here at Institution have developed a game-changing, market-disrupting system which can help your business. It’s called Intelligence Driven Ad Results™. It breaks the normal SEO/PPC rules AND it breaks the cycle of high cost. Here is how it has helped one of our clients over a two-week period recently.

10M brand impressions. 12K click through to their website. 3300% increase in awareness. Cost of campaign £1250 including our fee and media spend. 394 new leads. Cost per lead £3.17. Average sales ticket £5, 800. Converts leads at 6%. Converted sales 24. Cost per sale from campaign £52.08. ROI = £139,200. ROI percentage = 11,000%. We believe we can get the same great results for your business.

If you are currently running Google AdWords, then this could be a game-changer for your business also. Simply put, Intelligence Driven Ad Results™ delivers massive ROI, market-disrupting human insight and tech, it’s totally transparent with open reporting and delivers the results you need. AI bid adjustment increased opportunities to see Intent lead search positioning, audience creation and remarketing.

With Intelligence Driven Ad Results™ there is no ambiguity, no unknowns, no false hopes. Just clarity and a guaranteed return on your investment. Plus, a significantly reduced cost of customer acquisition.

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