Which is Smarter: Google Assistant, Siri or Amazon Alexa

So here is a rundown of the current state of the art in the tip three virtual assistants: Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. We tested them on an Amazon Echo, iPhone 7 and Google Home, respectively, using a battery of questions to determine each of their skill levels. While they offer many of the same features, each assistant has its own advantages and disadvantages – and, of course, the assistant’s software-based nature means that they are all evolving at a rapid clip. But, as it stands today, this is how they fared.

So, which is smarter?

Siri faired the worst in this department, though Apple employees have previously defended their assistant as not having been designed to answer trivia questions. In more than a quarter of the questions I asked, Siri on the HomePod apologised and said it couldn’t even answer my question, and in a few others it provided irrelevant information or useless information.

However, it did provide the best info on last year’s ALCS results, though it also gave me the same answer about the ALCS when asked about the stolen base record holder. The Google Assistant was pretty close to Alexa, generally giving solid, fast answers with context, though its knowledge of the TV schedule was not as good. It was the only one to correctly identify the first secretary general of the UN, however, and provided the most complete information about the distance between the Earth and Jupiter.

So, in conclusion here are how we rank the 3


2.Google Assistant


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