The Top 5 B2B Videos Made to Inspire your Video Marketing

So, in translation, none of the B2B videos I am about to talk about attempt to leverage the old style, corporate video, because let’s face reality, it’s a great way to be able to get your audience to switch off.

#5: Sprint Business: Open a New Office with Sprint Business

This video really manages to rack up the pain within the first minute. Your skin crawls with the annoyance of setting up IT and comms at your new location. You feel the inefficiency of the existing process. So, when Sprint Business’ solution is suggested, there is a sense of massive relief. After watching, I knew exactly why I would pick Sprint Business’ communications service over any other. To me, that is the signal of a great B2B video.

Furthermore, the colours, the snappy script, the bursts of humour. Even though it’s a fairly simple production, the video works hard with what it’s got.

#4: Hubspot:  What is Hubspot?

This video has a simple script accompanied by clear footage and animation. It makes the viewer feel confident, supported and empowered. And it succeeds at getting across the message that HubSpot can help marketers to stress less and do more. Without any fluff or filler.

Sometimes you don’t need a complex premise. This video sets out to explain what HubSpot does and why the target audience should care. And it succeeds.

#3: Volvo Trucks: The Epic Split

The focus of this video is of course Jean Claude Van Damme’s precision and control. How every muscle in his body has been honed to be able to perform the trick. The spotlight is on the stunt and the performer rather than Volvo’s products. Those are the perfect conditions for summoning up a great sweep of awe and respect in the audience. It means a pleasurable viewing experience. We don’t resent Volvo Trucks for shoving their product in our face. We love them for setting up such an extravaganza.

Even six years on, this is still refreshing like a cold glass of gin and tonic on a blazing summer’s day. Its absolute uniqueness is absolute.

#2: Slack: So Yeah, We Tried Slack….

There is a wonderful balance of serious benefits and humorous moments, so it never feels too scripted. Even so, there is a lot of information stuffed into 2 minutes 20 seconds. The video is careful to highlight the most useful features of the product while always coming back to the benefits for team members. It never descends into fakeness, which is key. Through the Sandwich team you can envision your own team using Slack in a similar way. And that is pretty convincing.

In conclusion, I have never seen a case study video so involved. The quirky premise alone is enough to keep me watching.

#1: Zendesk: I Like it When He Gives Me the Business

This video is funny, human, and genuine. Zendesk manages to sidestep the “boring” image of a customer service platform. Instead, they bring everything back to basics. What they are selling is better communication between real people. I am left feeling that Zendesk gets the core purpose of their service. And that goes a long way towards building my trust and confidence.

Furthermore, with a title like that, you can’t not watch. Two excellent acting performances really seal the deal here.

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