Avid Media Composer vs Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is an NLE that continues to improve. Avid is getting back into the market and its historical stability is something that cannot be ignored. Here are the key comparison points that are worth considering.


Adobe Premiere Pro is a much more affordable video editing platform compared to Avid Media Composer. You can choose to purchase a monthly subscription from Adobe as a single app for Premiere at just $19.99 per month. You can also use it as part of the complete Adobe Cloud subscription package if you prefer for $49.99 per month.

Avid media composer pricing begins at $49.99 per month for a composer subscription. If you want the perpetual license for Avid, then pricing currently begins at $1,299

Plug Ins

Both Adobe and Avid offer a full set of plug ins that help to maximise the potential of their NLE. Premiere does an excellent job integrating with After Effects and Audition so it becomes possible to eliminate intermediate rendering. This also allows users to collaborate easily on shared sequences across the entire Adobe platform.

Avid offer similar options through plug ins from NewBlue, their proprietary production pack, and optimisation through Sorenson. Each NLE offers a set of recommended plug ins, along with a complete set of options so each editing setup can be personalised.

Editing Speed

Both Adobe and Avid have a certain learning curve that must be followed if the user has not spent time with the NLE in the past. There is a certain argument to be made when choosing either Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer to stick with the editing program that you already know because that will improve your overall editing speed.

If you are unfamiliar with both NLEs, then Premiere tends to be a little easier to learn and get started on a project compared to Avid. There is a complete series of instructional videos provided by Adobe to help new editors become familiar with the workflow and capabilities of the platform. On the other hand, new users can end up with a cleaner project with the helpful tips and built in assistance options that are included with Avid.

From a pure trimming standpoint, the augmented process of Avid for contextual timeline editing, combined with the syncing technologies, tends to make editing speeds faster. Adobe Premiere can accomplish the same outcome, but it may take additional steps in the workflow in order to do so.

In the past, Avid Media Composer dominated the NLE industry. Since 2012, Adobe Premiere has been the leading NLE. Both platforms give you the ability to achieve the results you want. The choice often boils down to the workflow that is preferred and what your budget will support.

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