TikTok’s Gen Zers WILL ensure the Social Media App dominates 2019

When China’s Bytedance, currently ranked as the world’s largest most valuable internet startup, decided to merge a social app named Douyin with musical.ly, the Gen Z favourite karaoke app, it created a massive overnight sensation. TikTok’s active monthly active users now number roughly 500 million – and from all around.

So, why do Gen Zers like TikTok? Let’s take a look:

  • TikTok offers a user experience that is visual and straight to the point. It appeals to Gen Zers eight second attention spans as well as well as to their overwhelming preference for visually oriented social media platforms.
  • Its truly global in its scope, a melting pot for musical audiences as various as hip-hop heads, Bollywood teenyboppers, Euro technophiles, indie rockers, country purists and K pop fanatics.
  • To be sure, TikTok’s become a vehicle for teen and college influencers to make a digital name for themselves. That being said, part of TikTok’s appeal is its sheer, clown car crash goofiness. TikTok encourages absurdity, and it doesn’t appear to take itself as seriously as other apps that are popular with Gen Z do.

TikTok might well be the latest globally heralded social media app to make a major splash with Gen Z, but will its influence last? Well, to put it simply yes, yes it can. It will overtake Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn in terms of engagement with their audience, let me know if you agree in the comments below, and if not why you don’t. I hope you have found this blog informative and you will prepare for TikTok.

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