4 Lucky Social Media Campaigns Winning St Patrick’s Day

From events in local pubs and bars to street parties. Everyone is out having a great time. And as with any seasonal celebration, there's a raft of marketing opportunities for savvy companies who are on point with their communications.

Just look at the numbers: 39.6 million Americans claim Irish heritage. Which is nearly seven times the population of Ireland. Overall, 60% of people from the US are expected to celebrate St Paddy's Day, with spending likely to reach well over $5 billion.

So, with that here are four brands that have absolutely smashed it out of the park with their St Patrick's Day social media marketing.

1. Guinness

It would have been impossible to start this post off without a nod to Guinness. A brand that goes hand in hand with St Patrick's Day. They could have done nothing and still sold shed loads of pints. But sitting back and resting on their laurels isn't in the brands DNA.

Rather than direct adverts telling people to buy their beer. Guinness emphasised community. With the creation of an interactive infographic. Guinness championed friends and families coming together and making St Patrick's Day " the friendliest day of the year".

2. SEMrush: St Patrick's Day themed marketing crossword

What does a software service company which specialises in search engine ranking have to do with a day of drinking and celebrations? Quite a lot, it turns out. In 2017, SEMrush got in the mood with a St Patrick's Day themed crossword and gave away a Guinness gift set to selected winners.

They shared the crossword across social media. Making it as easy for people to interact and play. And while many wouldn't necessarily associate a crossword puzzle with St Patrick's Day. SEMrush cleverly tapped into the interests of their core audience. While adding another dimension with the link to the big day on March 17th.

The Guinness gift set prize was an extra incentive to get people on board. In what was already a clever marketing ploy. That people still hold the campaign in such high esteem two years after its initial conception goes to show how marketing efforts around big events can create longevity.

3. Bailey's: Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Who says that Guinness is the only alcoholic brand that can have all the fun on St Paddy's Day? Not Bailey's. Who captured their social media audience's attention with a fun marketing campaign designed to get people a few extra kisses.

The "kiss me, I'm Irish" moniker is a common phrase associated with St Patrick's Day and has featured in the cultural lexicon on many occasions. Bailey's made the shrewd move of using it in conjunction with their brand to build on their following and promote a particular flavour of drink.

Bailey's Irish Cream is a flavour of whiskey from the famous brand. And so it made sense to create marketing communications around St Patrick's Day. The brand designed a bespoke Facebook app that centred around the popular "kiss me, I'm Irish" theme.

There were no lucky charms needed for a kiss. However, with participants downloading the app and using it in conjunction with their profile pictures. Which inserted the words. "kiss me, I'm Irish and so is my Bailey's". Everyone who took part was automatically entered into a competition to win a t-shirt with the "kiss me, I'm Irish" moniker printed on it.

4: Tourism Ireland: Global Greening

With St Patrick's Day being an Irish event, its only fair that Ireland itself reaps the rewards. Tourism Ireland was looking for a way to ride the waves on the back of St Paddy's Day and get more people thinking about Ireland as a genuine holiday destination.

They did so by using the globalisation of St Patrick's Day to their advantage. Since its inception in 2010, the campaign has featured landmarks across the world displayed with a luminous green light that represents Ireland.

What started with the Sydney Opera House and Sky Tower in Auckland has grown to 240 landmarks in 45 different countries. And its success has been unprecedented. With 7 World Trade Centre at Ground Zero in the US. The Nelson Mandela Statue in South Africa. The Great Wall of China, London Eye in England, and Galeries Lafayette in France just some of the landmarks to participate.

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