How Instagram Will Dominate Social Media in 2019

Facebook Slowly Dying Off

Business wise Facebook is 100% being killed off, and its all thanks to THAT update. I think its safe to say that plenty of Marketing Managers for smaller business are unhappy with Mark Zuckerberg right now. The drastic change to the algorithm impacts many smaller businesses. Now, most of them will struggle to afford the payment needed to maintain high engagement levels with their Facebook audiences. Whilst the algorithm hurts smaller businesses. Facebook’s users are granted a request that they have been longing for. Being shown more meaningful posts on their news feed.

Meanwhile, Instagram is great for marketing. The main reason being is that it can encourage customer participation. Once you have built a reasonable number of followers the door is wide open to encourage customers to exchange and participate in exchanges involving your business, through the use of thing such as hashtags.

Instagram is the best platform for businesses

When it comes to engaging with your audience on social media Instagram is the runaway leader. It allows you to do so much and ensure that your audience sees it through hashtags that will actually increase engagement a lot. Which is more than can be said for Twitter and Facebook. Not only that, but on Instagram everything is done through either imagery or live video. Now I know Facebook has the exact same but the main difference is, as previously mentioned. Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t encourage people to connect with businesses, whereas Instagram’s evidently does.

Not only that, but on Instagram there are tonnes of creative ways that you can promote special events. You can do this through creating a hashtag or using a hashtag for an event, as well as tagging in the location and even showcasing what is happening through a live video update on what you are up to at the event.

Stealing Snapchat’s Thunder

Snapchat was hailed as a revolutionary form of social media. It was instant, in the moment content that could cleverly showcase what was happening at events. Instagram Stories is Instagram’s version of this and in the two years since its release it has come on leaps and bounds. Now surpassing Snapchat in the number of daily active users by a considerable margin.

And with the link up to IGTV as well, we can certainly see tonnes of businesses promoting their half hour long podcasts and streams via stories. Therefore making it a completely linked up system between the two major parts of the app. As well as the original part of the app as well.

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