3 Tactics to Increase Your Instagram Stories Engagement

Tell a Story with Instagram Stories

First and foremost, the easiest way to improve your Instagram Stories engagement is to actually tell a story, one with a beginning, a middle, and an end. I know its easy to just throw a photo up, but giving your audience a little context will make the experience all the better for them.

Add Captions or Let Viewers Know to Keep Their Sound On

A simple, yet clever thing to do to increase your Instagram Stories engagement is to add captions to your video stories. let’s be honest here – most people don’t have their sound on when they’re browsing through their IG feed. Instead of just being a talking head in a video, take a little time to write out what you’re saying to maximise your audience reach and response.

Use Stickers

Instagram Stories stickers are so fun, and will make your Stories more interactive. There are two sticker types, in particular, that can help brands boost their Stories engagement.

Question Stickers

Although you can simply prompt your audience to ask you a question in your stories, using the question sticker has its own unique benefits. When you repost the question submitted, the person who asked gets a notification that their question has been answered. Ask your audience to ask you about a particular subject, what their biggest challenges are, or what they’d like to see from you next.

Poll Sticker

People love polls. Use the Stories poll sticker to get in on your audience’s preferences, and let them help you make choices in your business, or provide general feedback. A cool thing about the poll sticker is that you have easy access to a list of people who have answered your poll. You can send them a direct message for 24 hours after the poll has concluded in order to take the conversation further.

Other Stickers

And these aren’t the only Stories sticker options which can improve your engagement. Using location stickers can ensure you show up in relevant region searches, and adding hashtags to your Stories will also help you get in front of more eyes. Instagram’s other sticker options – which they are adding to all the time – can also add more attention grabbing, interactive flair to your content, and help to improve performance.

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