How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

Regardless of what business type you manage, there is benefit to maintaining an active presence wherever your audience will be. These days, with the path to purchase split in a wide range of directions, consumers are looking for insights from all different sources - and with LinkedIn engagement at record high levels, it's worth considering your on platform presence, and whether your LinkedIn business page is all it could be - or indeed if you have one at all.

In order to help you get on the right track, LinkedIn has published this infographic, which provides an overview of the essentials for setting up a LinkedIn business page. On top of that, the graphic also outlines posting tips, and notes on how to use LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages for specific company offerings.

There are some great pointers in here - the infographic is part of LinkedIn's larger Pages Toolkit, which includes a heap of information and insights to help you maximise your brand’s LinkedIn presence.

How to Create a LinkedIn Page

  • Create your Page
  • Manage your Page
  • Set up a Showcase Page

Creating your Page

  1. Click work in the top right corner
  2. Click Create a Page
  3. Choose the type of Page you want to create
  4. Enter company name & URL name)
  5. Add your website link, company size, industry, logo and tagline
  6. Read and check the verification box
  7. Click Create Page button

Managing your Page

  1. Click me at the top of the homepage. Below Manage, select your Page
  2. Click Admin Tools on the upper right of your Page

Quick Tip: We recommend spending 2-3 hours a week on your Page

Creating a Showcase Page

Showcase Pages allow you to promote specific parts of your company, such as business lines, products, brands or initiatives. They target a distinct subset of your audience, allowing you to post content related to their specific interests and needs.

  1. Click me at the top of the homepage. Below manage, select your Page
  2. Click Admin tools in the top right corner
  3. Select Create Showcase Page from dropdown
  4. Enter Showcase Page name & URL
  5. Click pencil icons to begin editing. Start with a description, industry and admin name.

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