3 High Performing Video Content Options for LinkedIn

Industry Insight Videos

Professionals on LinkedIn are there to network, to demonstrate their expertise and to consume relevant information related to their field of expertise. When B2B marketers create effective industry insight videos, they are creating inherently shareworthy content – videos of this nature can make the person sharing the video appear “in the know” and well informed.

B2B brands will find a unique opportunity to build their presence on LinkedIn with videos that are shareworthy in the next 18 months. As video gets more and more popular on the platform, we will see standout brands who build a strong presence, much like The Dodo and Buzzfeed did on Facebook a few years ago.

Trending News Videos

Similar to industry insights, trending news videos are inherently shareworthy. The right video at the right time is better than the perfect video too late. First really is better on social media, especially if the video adequately communicates the message with text in a concise manner.

Webinar Event Promo

Professional self development is inherent to LinkedIn’s appeal, and as such, promotional videos relating to professional enrichment courses, webinars and so on will be inevitable.

Attention is the most difficult thing to attract and sustain on social media. When promoting an educational event like a webinar, brands need to concisely demonstrate what the soon to be registrant will learn from it. Offering interesting stats and insights at the jump of a webinar’s promo video can help to underscore why the viewer should RSVP.

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