5 Need to Know Facebook Marketing Statistics for 2019

And if you find that statistic motivating, we have compiled four more helpful data points below to help inform your strategy and take your marketing to the next level.

39% of Facebook Users say that they follow Facebook Business Pages because they want to receive special offers

Offering those who follow your Facebook Page exclusive offers will help motivate your target audience to smash that “Like” button.

This tactic works for businesses both large and small – for example, a restaurant called Brickhouse Tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia has developed an enormous following just by offering those who like or comment on their posts a free pizza.

A post’s average organic reach is only around 6.4% of the Page’s total likes

There was a marketing world rumour that this reach only extended to an average of 2% of the page’s total likes, but in actuality it’s more like 6.4%.

While having a high number of likes on your Page is important, the users who like your Page won’t do the work for you – you need to produce engaging posts, no matter how many likes you have. The more you understand about how to generate engagement through your posts the better.

47% of Facebook Users only access the site through the mobile app

That means that almost half of all Facebook users see your ads on their phones. Additionally, mobile app fans are arguably the more frequent users, as they have Facebook right in their pocket 24/7 rather than just when they can access a desktop computer. You know what that means? Your content needs to be mobile optimised.

In addition to making sure any landing pages your ads point to are mobile ready, consider posting more vertical photo and video content, and keep long form posts easy to read, limiting the use of the “read more” button.

One study says that the most effective length for Facebook ad titles is four words, with 15-word link descriptions

while there is definitely a time and place for long form content, your Facebook ads and link descriptions apparently aren’t it. If those four words in the title, plus a bit more info in the link description, can elicit fear of missing out and draw the reader in, even better. Don’t overshare here, you want a high click through rate after all.

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