The 3 Best Facebook Messenger Bots

Want to book tickets to see a film? Ping Niki. Book a cab? Ping Niki. Hotels? Yes, that too. You can ping Niki for everything in commerce. It is a smart AI powered bot to help you get things done super quick on chat. Niki has grown up enough to understand complex queries, using which you can apply multiple filters.

For example, when you type “Book a train ticket from Liverpool to Newcastle this Friday,” Niki understands and displays exactly what you want. In a single sentence, you applied a source location, destination and date filter, and got options to choose from. Convenient, to say the least, isn’t it?


This chatbot lets you decide whether you should be wearing a t shirt or a full-on coat to work on a particular day. Get in a conversation with Poncho, and ask about the weather forecast and current conditions in your area. You can also set automatic notifications to receive forecasts every day.

Not only is this bot a saviour when it comes to knowing weather updates in a jiffy, it is very quirky with its replies sometimes. If you love having conversations with a bot, Poncho will entertain you pretty well with his witty and personalised replies for some queries.

CNN Messenger

Stay abreast with the happenings around the globe right from your Messenger chat box, with the help of CNN’’s bot on Facebook Messenger. You can also ping the bot to know country specific news.

Help it with categories of the news that might interes you – tech, politics, etc. and it will get you some meaty pieces to dive into. Time to get your brain to work, and store some useful information.

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