Adobe Premiere Clip: Our Quick Review


Ease of use is the name of the game when it comes to Adobe Premiere Clip. Just hit the plus icon in the bottom right corner to start a new edit. It is then a matter of importing video from your mobile, Creative Cloud, or producing the material live from the camera. With all of the materials in place, you can either go hands on with your own edit or have the app create one with the “Automatic” feature. It will do so based on the beats of whichever soundtrack you choose. Montage ahoy.

Creating your own video edits is easy enough. A simple interface makes it easy to add effects, play with the exposure, add music, and more. You can even add in crossfades and fade ins with minimal fuss. Exporting your finished to the Creative Cloud or direct to YouTube is a doddle, and you can send it to Premiere Pro for more advanced editing when you get to your PC.


One slight annoyance I encountered came when adding filters or effects to individual clips. For some reason, the app would apply it to all the clips in my timeline. Also, the app will upload your created video timelines to the Adobe Creative Cloud, unbidden, whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi. There doesn’t seem to be any way to turn the feature off. You cannot export clips in any resolution higher than 720p, either.


Adobe Premiere Clip places a fully featured video editing tool at your fingertips without the associated complexity. There are a couple of unfortunate syncing and downgrading issues, but it is just a few updates away from being the best mobile video editing app on the market.



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