How Colour Psychology can boost Website Conversions


First, let's talk about how colour impacts our daily lives.

Well, we all perceive colours in different ways and this plays a critical part in the decisions we make as individuals. One study found that colour effects the selling point of a product by 60%, while another study found that colour ads are 42% more likely to be read than ads in black and white.


Now, these details might not seem overly relevant, but it is important to consider the worth and value colour psychology has within the creative industry. And not just the creative industry, colour could help the performance of your business and drive website conversions. If colours can make people feel certain ways, then maybe you could make them feel a certain way about your business.


So here are some facts that might make you think twice about the colours you’re using on your site.


Fact #1

Product assessment takes 90 seconds: between 62% and 90% of this time is spent judging the colour.


Fact #2

Colour is responsible for 80% of brand recognition.


Fact #3

Different colours convey different messages. For example red = life, excitement and boldness, whereas blue = productivity, tranquillity and trust.


Fact #4

2/3 customers will only buy a large appliance if it’s in their preferred colour.


Fact #5

Gender plays a role in all this too. Women tend to lean towards brands and products that have soft colours and more receptive tints, whereas men prefer bold colours and are more likely to select shades of colours.


Colour psychology is a powerful tool that can be used to appeal to customer attention, trigger their purchase behaviour and ultimately drive sales.

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