How adding YouTube links enhances your Google SEO

However, YouTube is also a decent place to build quality, relevant links to your website. With the right approach YouTube can help your ecommerce site rank higher on

So, now let’s get down to the main part of this blog: how you can build website links on YouTube.

First, understand that there are two places to get links on YouTube:

  1. From your channel, which allows you to create links to your website and other social profiles.
  2. From inside the description in any video you upload to the site

Getting the channel link is easy

Just create a channel/profile, fill out as much information as you can, and pat yourself on the back. Give yourself bonus points if you take time to link to other social media profiles, and upload a branded YouTube channel cover. Check out our YouTube channel to see how we filled out the social media links. Getting the links from the videos you upload is only slightly more complex:

  1. Upload a video to YouTube. Videos should be useful or interesting, should be titled to reflect their content, should be branded so consumers know who they are watching, and should be authentic.
  2. Place a link prominently in the video description. The recommended best practice is to place the actual link in the very first line of text when you upload the video. This is the best place to put a link on all of YouTube because the link is very likely to get clicked on.

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