Photography for Tattoo Artists

Social media is a god sent for tattoo artists as it means they can share their work all across the globe in search of new inspiration and clients. But are your images up to scratch?

Showing your work in its best light is the best way to show off your creations. Using lighting and effects that complement the finished design and client, matter when it comes to gaining high-end engagement and recognition online.

Below I have listed a few handy tips to help capture your works of art in an engaging way.


Like with any form of photography, the lighting has a drastic effect on the finished image. Getting the lighting right is one of the key elements in wowing your audience.

If you are taking photos without a lighting rig then making the most out of natural light by being in a well-lit room or setting up the shoot outside.

However, In the long run, a lighting rig or two will help you to create dramatic and subtle lighting whenever and wherever you want.


A photo of a fresh tattoo is great for use in a portfolio or showing your target audience a behind the scenes look of what you’ve gotten up to within the day, but it doesn’t portray the tattoo in its best light.


Using props throughout your images can make each finished design unique and visually interesting. Don't use too many props as it can make your images appear messy and distracting. Adding a few subtle props here and there is just enough. As an example; if you have created a space-themed tattoo, you could use tarot cards or crystals to emphasise the theme.


Like the lighting, choosing the right background can be what makes or breaks an image. Choose a colour and texture that suits the theme of the tattoo you are photographing.


Make sure that the tattoo you are photographing is fully healed before taking photos of the finished design as this will show it in its best light. Remember to choose backgrounds and props that complement the theme of each tattoo as this will help to draw in your audience's attention.

Just have fun with it and don’t be afraid to try any weird and wacky ideas out as they will help separate you from other tattoo artists.

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