DIY Photography Tips & Tricks

Below, I have listed a few helpful DIY ideas to help you make the most out of your budget photography.


This is a simple and creative way to make your images unique. All you need is a pen, some card and a pair of scissors or a Stanley knife.

Draw a rough circle so that it fits over your lens. Cut this out and draw your design in the middle of the circle and cut that out too. All you need to do now is secure the filter onto your camera with a bit of tape and point your camera at some small lights and watch the magic happen.

This simple filter is especially good when used with fairy lights like that of a Christmas tree.

Image Stabiliser

Tripods can sometimes be a pain to lug around so why not go for a simple image stabiliser instead!

Stabilisers can be a tad expensive but there is a cheap alternative. All you need for this DIY is a piece of string, a washer and a bolt.

Cut a piece of string just a bit longer than you are tall. Tie the string around the bolt and tie the washer to the other end of the string. Screw the bolt into the bottom of your camera where you would usually fit your camera onto a tripod, and stand on the washer. Apply tension to the string and there you have it, a compact image stabiliser.

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Sunglasses Filter 

Don't want to pay for a polarising lens? Well, you can always use a cheap alternative made from something almost everyone owns. Sunglasses.

Simply put one lens of the sunglasses in front of your camera lens and shoot away. Simple as that.

Tilt Shift

Looking to add a bit of depth to your images with vignette? There's a cheap way to do this and all you need is some Vaseline, clingfilm and a rubber band.

Wrap the clingfilm over your lens and secure it with a rubber band, then rub Vaseline around the edges of your lens. And there you have it! A quick and simple filter for you to use whenever you need to add just a little something to your imagery.


Whether you are new to photography or not, getting the right equipment is key to creating more appealing and better-exposed images. Photography doesn’t have to be an expensive game if you use your brain and some handy DIY tips, you can become a photography genius in no time!

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