The Top 5 Worst Brand Fails of 2018

When YouTube Creators tweeted the wrong flag for the 4th of July

Using national holidays in your marketing can be a great idea – so long as you hit your target audience. The “YouTube Creators” Twitter account posted this patriotic tweet before the 4th of July, only to finish it off with the Liberian Flag. Phenomenal.

It seems no one was really upset about the gaff, but it didn’t go unnoticed. Always remember to check your emojis though folks or this could happen to you.

When Chick-Fil really needed a map

The popular north American fast food chain got a bit confused when a Twitter user asked it to open a new store in Alaska. Although Alaska is not part of the continental US, it is definitely part of North America. While engaging with your audience is crucial to growing a social media presence, accuracy is more important than a speedy response.

When a Chicago News Station accidentally referred to Pyeonchang as “P.F. Chang’s”

During the February 2018 Winter Olympics, a Chicago News station posted this photo on its live news broadcast as the hosts discussed the upcoming Olympics. The editor was clearly confused between the Asian restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s and South Korean city of Pyeonchang.

When Snapchat posted an insensitive Quiz about domestic abuse

Back in March, we saw Snapchat run an ad for a game called “Would you Rather” which asked users to choose between “slapping Rihanna” and “punching Chris Brown”. Snapchat users were shocked by the app seemingly mocking domestic abuse which Rihanna suffered at the hands of Chris Brown in 2009. When he reportedly punched her during an argument.

Rihanna was understandably furious and took to her Instagram Story to shame Snapchat for its error. Snapchat publicly apologised and pulled the ad. Whilst this is one of the biggest brand fails we have seen, its also one of the most insensitive ads we have seen.

When the US Air Force tried to make a Yanny/Laurel joke about drones

This post is pretty high on the list of the most tone-deaf tweets of 2018. In May 2018, a controversial sound clip made waves around the internet as listeners were split between people who heard “Yanny” and those who heard “Laurel.”

The US Air Force blindly jumped on the viral soundbite with this insensitive tweet, which quickly received pushback from Twitter users around the world for making light of civilian casualties due to bombings in Afghanistan. The Air Force promptly deleted the tweet. This is definitely one of the worst brand fails ever.

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