Adobe Audition: The Main Benefits

Two Track Setup

Having an audio app that can be configured to work in a two-track setup can be extremely beneficial to your workflow. I know that it is easy enough to only add 2 tracks or a single stereo track to your favourite DAW, but there is something compelling about a program that is designed to specifically let you work in a two-track setup. Ergonomically, the single audio file mode in Adobe Audition is well designed, and there are a lot of things to like about the simplicity of it. If you have to work on a stereo audio file, Adobe Audition can really speed up your workflow.

Fade Handles

Every DAW has their own way to process fades, and I happen to think Audition handles the task extremely well. Select a bit of audio, and in the upper right corner you get an icon that you can easily drag over and create the fade you need. It works for both fade ins and fade outs, and it is super quick. You can even adjust the curve of the fade by moving the mouse up or down. Its quite convenient.

Batch Processing

Anyone who works in video will tell you that batch processing can be a life saver. If you have got to remove hum from every video you shot from the day or if you need to make the same EQ adjustment to a whole bunch of files, Audition’s batch processing has got you covered. Work on the first file until you get the result you need, then simply save the effect chain as a favourite. Open the batch processing window and use the time you saved on to catch up on “The Walking Dead”.


Speaking of favourites, Adobe Audition has quite a lot of common audio tasks already mapped out for you for both single file and batch processing alike. Will the “remove 60 Hz hum” favourite work as well as a dedicated noise reduction like RX? Not likely, but I do appreciate having a whole bunch of tools at my fingertips for things I do all the time in batch processing. Besides, you can always integrate your dedicated noise removal plugins as part of your OWN favourite that you design.

Work Compressed

This one is simple, and if its something you will see right away how cool it is. You can work natively in the MP3 format without having to go through a lengthy import and export process. Adobe Audition will open an MP3 and let you make changes, apply effects, and then simply save an MP3 again. You don’t have to go through the typical steps of import and export, it is all handled seamlessly through the interface.

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