What Makes a Good Website Landing Page

First before you even start building your landing page you need to consider what the goal of the web page is. In an ideal world, what would visitors do upon reaching your landing page? Would they buy something? Fill out a form? Sign up for a newsletter? Or maybe download an eBook? Well, whatever it is, you need to implement a strategy to ensure that your audience is fulfilling the goals you have implemented in your strategy.

So, now let’s talk about how to make a great landing page that convert. Starting off with the fact you need to ensure that the landing page is short, sweet, and uncluttered. A landing page should offer all the necessary information, but not so much as to overwhelm the visitor. Provide the essential info that will interest your audience and nothing more.

Next, your landing page needs to be able too provide high quality content that will inspire confidence. We have just discussed how you don’t want to information smother visitors, but this isn’t to say you should be cheap with your content – on the contrary, provide rich, useful content, so long as it is relevant. Good, confident content inspires trust.

Now, on to the last tip I will give in this blog, I’ll make a second part at some point so stay tuned for that. And that is to have a clear call to action. Call to actions can be present in the headline text as well as the button text. There should be no question as to what next steps are necessary – tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do in big, bold text. For Kajabi, changing their button text from “See Plans and Pricing” to “Get Started Today” increased conversion by 252%.

So, now you know a little bit more on the many ways you can create a good website landing page, look out for a part 2 over the next couple of weeks, and stay tuned for more.

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