Is your website costing you money?

If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, you are going to be losing customers before you've even begun. With Google bringing mobile optimisation into play and focusing on accessibility, websites that are slow to load on mobile and on other devices plus desktops are quickly passed by in favour of others.

While a specific industry such as football will not have this problem (After all, if you are an England fan or an Arsenal fan, you only have one website to worry about!) any industry where there is competition and user choice will mean that the faster website catches more views.

Why is it important to have a website that is responsive and loads faster? Ultimately, Google wants to have good quality content and provide the best service possible to its users. This means that slow sites and sites with irrelevant content are likely to be demoted in the SERPS and lose out on traffic that could convert into sales.

As users, we expect responsive content to be delivered directly to our devices. Whether that's a mobile phone or a desktop pc, we want our websites to load instantly and to navigate smoothly. When a website is taking too long to load, unless you are already a user or there is no alternative site, we click off and look elsewhere.

For an e-commerce website or a news-focused website, this could be a direct loss of sales. When potential customers get frustrated, they remember your website for all the wrong reasons. This leads to avoidance in the future even if you have repaired the problem!

So, what can be done?

Your website needs to be optimised. Its copy needs to be optimised for SEO so it shows up higher in search engines, your load times and navigation need to be quick and natural so your users have a better experience and your conversion rate increases.

The best method to achieve this is to have a professional agency analyse your current website for errors with a site audit and offer potential improvements you can make. A professional agency can help your website to be more fluent and to flow more naturally, load quicker and be more attractive to potential customers.


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