What makes an Effective Website Design


Good web design will always cater to the needs of the user. Are your web visitors looking for information, entertainment, some type of interaction, or to transact with your business? Each page of your website needs to have a clear purpose, and to fulfil a specific need for your website users in the most effective way possible.


People on the web tend to want information quickly, so it is important to communicate clearly, and make your information easy to read and digest. Some effective tactics to include in your web design include: organising information using headlines and sub headlines, using bullet points instead of log winded sentences, and cutting the waffle.


In general, Sans Serif fonts such as Arial and Verdana are easier to read online. The ideal font size for reading online is 16px and stick to a maximum of 3 typefaces in a maximum of 3-point sizes to keep your design streamlined.


A well thought out colour palette can go a long way to enhance the user experience. Complementary colours create balance and harmony. Using contrasting colours for the text and background will make reading easier on the eye.

Vibrant colours create emotion and should be used sparingly. Last but not least, white and negative space are very effective at giving your website a modern and uncluttered look.


A picture can speak a thousand words, and choosing the right images for your website can help with brand positioning and connecting with your target audience.

If you don’t have high quality professional photos on hand, consider purchasing stock photos to lift the look of your website. Also consider using infographics, videos and graphics as these can be much more effective at communicating than even the most well written piece of text.

So, that was five ways you can make sure that your website is effective, to find out more information on our web design options, click here.

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