Updates Web Designers Need to Prepare for in 2019

Web Design Speed

How much time do you think that you get to make a good impression? If you are talking about interacting with them online, less than three seconds is the answer. Humans tend to be flighty and impatient. If the internet is really an alien conspiracy that observes human nature, their alien studies would show that we don’t like to be kept waiting. In studies done by Akamai and Gomez.com, 50% of users expect that when they click on a site, it should load in to seconds or less and that they will abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

As you can see, a beautiful site is a beautiful site, but if the design is so data heavy that it starts to affect the speed to download, you could be losing tonnes of revenue due to no one sticking around to even look at your site. Even worse, with the Google speed update that went into effect in July 2018, Google has begun prioritising rankings for sites that load faster than others, and it is likely that other search engines are to follow.

Mobile First Web Design

Speed isn’t just the only ruler that Google has been using to help measure websites. In 2015, mobile searches overtook desktop searches overall, making mobile search the highest search form worldwide. In accordance with this, Google has changed which sites they index first – they new prioritise mobile sites over sites that aren’t mobile friendly.

With mobile searches taking priority away from desktop sites, it is no wonder that mobile first design has become a trend. Mobile first web design is about changing the way that websites are designed fundamentally. The standard used to be that a site would only be designed for a desktop or laptop computer and a mobile friendly or mobile responsive design might be added as well. Mobile first design does just the opposite: it starts with designing the site for the mobile user first before creating a version that will also work for a desktop user.

Again, this push towards mobile first design isn’t just based on ranking factors or SEO. The visual result is something that will first and foremost enhance the users experience with the website on the device that they will most likely be searching from. This design trend is meeting the demand that mobile users are requiring and will likely be the trend for a long time.

Single Page Web Design

Speed and minimalism are the trends that come up again and again when talking about web design in 2019, which is a major reason why single page design, also known as a pageless design, has also become a 2019 web design trend. Single page design is a very descriptive title – it refers to websites that have only one page instead of multiple service pages or blog articles all neatly arranged.

From a traditional SEO perspective, this would likely look like a mistake – it is going to be much harder to rank for certain keywords without any pages and content that you would usually have in this situation, nor would it be easy to accomplish other advanced SEO techniques. Yes, while it can be harder to use particular SEO tactics on pageless design, that is where the cons of it start to drop away.

As was discussed in the speed section, uncluttered, clean, simple websites are being favoured by search engines as they can quickly and easily be designed on mobile devices. Pageless design archives that by having less of everything that can slow a website down. The HTML, CSS, JavaScript and pictures aren’t bogging down the site with data to be downloaded, making it a better experience for the user and granting priority in the search engines.

The simplicity of a single page website is doubly great, as they look great on every browsing device and automatically fall into being a mobile first style site. Being so simple means that it is more easily managed as well. Updates to the site are often quickly achieved since there are so few things to change or update, which means it is easier for your business to stay current with your website.

So, they were a few upcoming web design trends to prepare your website for when 2019 comes around, I hope this blog informed you a lot on the design decisions you may need to make to stay ranked

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