Some Predictions on Where Video Marketing is Going: Part 1

Video marketing data will be integrated across the organisation

With a lot of talk surrounding big data, companies are looking to refine what they learn with metric and sort through the clutter. Video marketing platforms can help with detailed, accurate information about your video assets and soon every marketer will consolidate their video analytics with marketing automation and CRM data. the combined data on audience engagement will dictate initiatives from service and support, to engineering and R&D.

Contextually relevant video will find your prospects

Ever read a Forrester report and find that the suggested content seems really relevant, and then you click it? We are working with a major company to make it possible for you to include video in that recommended listing – optimised thumbnail and all. Soon you’ll be creating highly targeted video for sources your target market trusts and you’ll offer contextually relevant content at the perfect moment.

Marketers will be able to reach audience in living rooms

Set-top boxes are bringing the internet into the living room. Gen Y’ers aren’t buying cable or satellite subscriptions, they rely on YouTube and the internet. A well places video campaign will find your customers as YouTube takes them down the rabbit hole from the comfort of their couch. In addition to making your website and videos mobile friendly, you’ll have to start considering how your videos will be accessed on television and how you can optimise that experience. Internet technology has changed how we view and optimise video on the web, so it is only a matter of time before we optimise the television experience and collect data there too.

Your nurturing campaigns will centre around video assets

Whether it’s a recorded webinar you send out to attendees or non-attendees in annotated chapters, or a video announcing to relevant contacts that you’ll be attending an industry conference, your email nurturing campaigns will contain customised videos you create to personalise your message. Similar to a trailer for a movie, you’ll release a teaser video to current customers in email to announce new products and your attendance at events.

The press release will become a video

When you think about it, there are three things a press release needs to do:

  • Inform the media of an event
  • Educate the press about your business
  • Gain publicity based on interest

Most B2B company news can come across as a bit boring on paper, but its amazing what a well scripted, visually interesting video can do to communicate your message, make people understand your actions, and get excited about what they have seen explained. In the future, there will be tools to include video within a press release because it will be a very popular thing to do.

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