How to Utilise Keyframes in Adobe Premiere Pro

So, we will start out by asking the question, what is a keyframe? Well, to put it simply keyframes allow you to bring an attribute to life over a period of time. Think of when you zoom in on an object, or transition with a fade up from black. These are all things you can accomplish with keyframes. Essentially, you are creating an animation when you adjust these attributes. And to create an animation, you generally need two or more keyframes – one to start the animation, and one to end it. A good example that I have utilised keyframes for in my time is to essentially speed up someone’s movement, I will attach a link to the trailer below here, just make sure to skip to 00:19. As you can see in the video with the use of the keyframes I could make it look like the person in shot is moving far quicker than he was in reality, giving the illusion of super speed.

So, how do you actually go about doing this? Well, first you need to access the effects control panel, now to do this its simple you go Window > Effect Controls. Here you can view various attributes of your asset, including Position, Rotation, and Opacity information. You can also see properties of any specific Effects you have added to your layer. Just to the right of the properties section is an area where you can view and manipulate keyframes via a timeline layout.

Some attributes are next to a Stopwatch icon. This is the toggle animation button, and activating it allows you to add keyframes to that particular attribute. Once you have keyframes applied, you can navigate between them with the arrow buttons. Add and remove keyframes by pressing the button between the navigation arrows.

So, now you know how to use the keyframes, its time to do some animating, let’s say that instead of having the text fade on, you want it to jump onto the screen, well that is easy, you simply keyframe the position and size of the text to be off screen and at 0, then set the size further down the line, I would say about half a second down the timeline, you should get a nice, clean motion that suits what you are going for, to add a keyframe there is the add keyframe button where you can confirm the end point of the animation.

So, I hope that was an informative read for you, and you have learnt how to properly utilise keyframes in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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