2018 has rolled around and there have been a few predictions on the video marketing trends of the coming year. Below I have listed a few that I think may take the internet by storm as the year begins to develop.

VR (virtual reality)

This type of video marketing is becoming an ever-growing favourite over the past year and may gain in popularity as time passes. This form of video allows your audience to view your message/video in virtual reality through a VR headset. They will be able to literally immerse themselves in your message.

Facebook has just also recently said that they are working on a VR headset called Oculus Go. There is not currently a set release date, but this headset has been noted as being completely user-friendly and promises to become the easiest way for developers to be introduced to the world of VR.

360 Degree

This style of video allows you to see videos in well, a 360-degree view. It enables you to drag around the screen and look at different parts of the video. 360-degree videos started to take advances last year as the equipment in order to film them became readily available. With equipment becoming more advanced as time goes on, you can expect to see a rise in this style of video marketing for many years to come.

Live Stream

By now you should know what a live video is as this style of video has been around for a while now. But, in case you aren't aware of what a live stream is, it is a video that allows you to watch what a person's camera is seeing, in real time. This can be beneficial to your business if you want to engage directly with your audience and it gives them a chance to ask you questions and learn more about your business.

With people known to be spending 3x longer watching live videos than they would a regular pre-recorded one, it looks like live videos will be here to stay for quite some time!

Video Mapping

Video mapping is a fairly recent form of video that allows you to map out projections onto a background. The background can be any shape and size as long as the projections are aligned with the object correctly. If done correctly, the object can be made to look like it is coming to life.

This form of video is a powerful tool that can make any flat surface appear 3D to the naked eye.

This form of video has started to take root recently as more brands begin to use it within their advertising.

If you'd like to see an example of video mapping, click here -


Videos still currently hold a strong place in the world of digital marketing and as technology advances, we can expect to see more forms of this media spring to life over the coming years. Keep an open mind with this ever-changing virtual world we are creating as a species. Use everything to your advantage when it comes to digital marketing.

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