Video Marketing: The Most Vital SEO Tool

Platforms such as YouTube, as well as smartphone technology have made it far easier and affordable to be able to create video content. And it is predicted that at the start of next year 80% of web traffic will be video, so basically if you want your business to succeed. You need to get on video now. So, lets get into how you can start.

Starting from Square One: A crash course in video marketing

First, define your goals for video marketing, this can be anything from driving conversions to spreading brand awareness. Make sure you have a focus for when it comes to your video marketing, or you will never be able to measure the success of it.

Optimise your content for mobile

Mobile optimisation is just as big a part of SEO as video marketing in general, so is it really a big surprise that you need to optimise for that as well. So, ensuring that your video is optimised for mobile users is paramount for success. This can be achieved through uploading to sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Create Metadata for Videos

Just like a webpage on your site, your videos will also need metadata. This includes a meta title, and meta description. This is because, just like with webpages, search engines will assess the title and description of a video to decide where your video will be ranked.

Share across ALL social channels

Sharing your content across all of the channels available is a sure-fire way to ensure some engagement with the video.

Whether this be people commenting on the topic of your video, or sharing it across their social channels. Sharing on social media will increase the amount of views the video gets massively.

Encourage your audience to like and comment

This is well and truly the biggest part of deciding where your video will rank on the search engines. If a search engine sees that the video you have put out has an incredibly high engagement rate, it will class that as an informative or entertaining video and try to push it more.

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