How Some Brands Utilise a Video Campaign for Christmas

McDonalds #ReindeerReady Video Campaign

In this campaign by McDonald’s they focus a whole lot less on Santa and more around his reindeer, as a little girl becomes incredibly attached to a carrot stick. Once again, make sure to check out the full video ad below.


John Lewis’ Moz the Monster Video Campaign

And speaking of John Lewis, there 2017 effort was focused around a charming friendship between a child and Moz the Monster. Whilst it doesn’t deliver the usual emotional gut punch of other John Lewis adverts like Monty the Penguin, it is still one of the most charming Christmas adverts ever done. Yet again, you can watch it below.

HP’s Create Wonder in your World Video Campaign

In HP’s wonder filled holiday ad we see a bit of magic brought to solitary city dwellers. This showcases the fact that no matter the time of year we shouldn’t take for granted how lonely the holidays can be for some – especially in big cities, where, sometimes it seems the people who know you best are those you see just outside the window. Once again, you can see the full ad below.


So, that was five great example of superb video marketing campaigns we have seen over the festive period these last few years, we hope that it has helped you in understanding what makes a truly great Christmas advert, and if you feel we have missed any better ones out. Comment below.

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