A Few Answers to Frequently Asked Video Marketing Questions

What’s the best video editing software for video marketing? – The answer to this question is very much subjective and largely depends on what software you find the easiest to use. For example, my personal preference in terms of video editing software will always be Adobe Premiere Pro, this is mainly due to the ease of use and just how it is laid out. However, someone else could prefer Sony Vegas or DaVinci Resolve, and they wouldn’t be wrong because in reality there is no definitive answer.

Why is Video SEO Important? – This is an incredibly obvious one, the end of the day at this point in time Google values video above all other forms of media at the moment. Also, it is growing in popularity among businesses already, with 82% of businesses feeling that video marketing is already an important part of their strategy.

What is the future of video marketing? – Its difficult to say for now, a lot of different options are coming through for what the future of video marketing could be, at the moment the current trend is pointing in the direction of live video, with Google immediately putting live videos near the top of the search rankings for the certain topics the videos are around, we could also see 360-degree video become a good method of marketing your business. Like I Said at this moment it is relatively unclear where video marketing will be going but we will see how it shapes up in the coming years.

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