5 Tips When Making a Great Promo Video

The first tip I can and will give you is to spend a tonne of time on your script, why? Well if you call yourself a video editor or director then you should know that the script is the foundation to what you are building, and if it is weak then it will most certainly collapse. So, you must decide what kind of advert you want first, do you want it to be an ad that will provoke the audience into feeling an emotional connection to what you are selling, or do you want to utilise a humorous style that tends to be adopted by many a company, it is all down to you. But, once you have decided that you must write a script that is engaging and informative, as that will be the ultimate goal, no matter what style you go for.

The next tip I will give you is to ensure that your video is visually appealing because after all, nobody wants to watch a video with no visual appeal. Instead of a talking head or static screenshot, try making your promo video exciting with animation, cool effects or editing. If you don’t know how to create a video with all the bells and whistles on your own, that is perfectly fine. You can use a service like GoAnimate’s Video Maker to make a movie with tons of visual appeal, even if you don’t know the first thing about animating or video editing.

One thing above all you need to remember considering that this is a promo video is a call to action, whether this be to subscribe to the YouTube channel as it is a channel trailer, or to click on the link through to the product that is either on the video at the time or is in the description below, a call to action is crucial. After all you want the viewers to convert into fans or customers, right? That is the whole point of this right? And whilst the product or subscription is important, always make sure to link through to your social media channels as well at some point during the video, that way they can keep on top of everything that is going on within your business.

The next tip that I can give you is to take your promo video on a test run. Before you unleash your promo video on the world, test it out. Ask friends, family and other outsiders (preferably ones that don’t know an awful lot about your business) to watch and give you their honest opinions. Did they understand the point that you were trying to get across? Do they like how the video looks? And last but not least, would they be compelled to take action after watching? When you spend a lot of time working on a video it can be hard to take a step back and look at it from an unbiased perspective. Sharing it with others is the best way to get an honest assessment of your video.

And lastly, promote! Remember nobody will see all of your hard work if you don’t put it out there. Embed it on your company website or blog, post it to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. If you follow all of these steps, you should be on for a winner.

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