I'll tell you why.

Most of you may be familiar with windows, particularly the latest version of the famous bill gates operating system, Windows 10. Aside from it just being good practice to ensure that your business’s operating systems and software are up to date and that you use the latest available finished builds If you have a large number of employees it is also highly recommended so that you do not stress your IT team.

So, what's the problem with Windows?

Windows update. The bane of every office worker, the dreaded logo swaggers onto your screen from the notification centre and struts around like it owns the place. Well, technically it does. At the best of cases you can only delay an update; inevitably, you have to agree and install whatever latest mumbo-jumbo windows have pushed out.

What can go wrong, I hear you ask? Everything. I believe we may have set a new world record at Institution Marketing for the longest windows update installation; one of our laptops took a total of 24 hours to update rendering it essentially a comfortably warm brick of plastic with a calming blue light for two work days. During this 24 hours update, we had crucial social media content that needed to be scheduled in order to keep boosting our SEO. And even more frustratingly we had video content that needed to be edited.

Why do you have to update?

Simple. Updating keeps your operating system secure if you're online and helps things to keep going. It is a similar situation for your software; the latest versions fix bugs and errors and keeps things in working order. It may not always be the case, however, so it is best that you update sooner rather than later so you give yourself time to fix any potential problems.


It is essential that you keep your business running smoothly. One of the best ways to do this is to keep your operating systems and software up to date; this provides you with security and certainty that they will not let you down when you need them most. You do not want to lose out on productivity because you haven’t done an update in awhile, do you?

You can find the latest information on windows updates here. For other software, merely find the downloads on the creator's website.

Always keep your software and operating systems up to date, lest the ghost of windows past haunt your laptop or desktop and ruin your day with the dreaded blue screen of death. What should you do if you find yourself in the same situation as I did, laptop down for the count and windows blue devil laughing at your sorrows?

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