5 Things to Expect from Social Media Influencers


After doing some research, we can see that certain trends will occur (some which are already happening) and those will massively shape influencer-marketing strategies…

So here are 5 big marketing trends we expect might happen in 2019.


#1 - Influencers To Become Entrepreneurs

Influencers are going to turn their personal brand into full-blown business endeavours, turning their social media success into profitable revenue streams. Companies will be taking advantage of the reach these influencers get, and the influencers will get products and income. Win/Win.


#2 -Disclosure of Sponsored Content

We’ve seen a lot of influencers in 2018 not admit to their content being sonsored; this will likely change in the new year. This new marketing platform only will be seen as professional once proper discloser of sponsored content and regulations are put in place.


#3 - Influencer Podcasts

More and more influencers are going to start making podcasts, as it will increase chance of reaching more people. They will also be able to share more intimate advice and personal thoughts with the people who are listening to them.


#4 - Fighting Fake Followers

Brands will be able to detect the authentic accounts from the fake, with the development of software and data it will be easier than ever. Influencers who have invaluable audiences and bot followers won’t be able to exploit these brands and their marketing budgets.


#5 - Gaming Influencers

Twitch is a live-streaming video platform, its influencers are very popular and they can reach thousands of users. Marketer’s need to harness this and gain full potential of e-sports and gaming platforms.




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