Add Impact To Your Creative Design

Using FX like inner shadow, outer glow or something along them lines are all great ways to make text stand out. If the font is sharp and already stands out on its own, the FX is just the difference between standing out and it having a complete impact on the design. Even gradient feathers can be amazing at making things stand out, and it makes objects faded! It makes sense if you have successfully used this specific effect for graphics on a website, social media platform, email campaigns, creative print designs and much more!

Mixing bright and dark colours is another way to get certain components to stand on their own podium. If you had a black background and then added a lime green paint brush stroke, and then a dark red paint brush stroke, what do you think will be the main attractive feature on the page? Still keep in mind that not every colour matches up to one another, remember what colours look great together and what colours don't during the process of your creative design.

Size matters... Objects set at a larger size than other objects or text that is at a higher font size will make it more impactive. You could have the exact same thing duplicated side by side on the page but if one's bigger than the other then the larger of the two will be the most apparent to the eye.

Coming back to having reason and method behind the madness of your creative design, the importance behind this is that as much as adding FX and everything else can make for high impact designs, it can make thing look busy and if there's FX on a few different elements then the eye is catched by multiple things and then that basically eliminates the purpose of you ever doing FX.

Thanks, for reading this blog and I hope this will come in handy when you next start a masterpiece.

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