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I'll tell you the secrets to a clear mind and how to start up your creative nature once again. So the next time you struggle to reach the creative side of you and craft out fantastic image content, here's a few ideas of what to do to solve this issue.

You aren't the only graphic designer in the world, so go, search, and take inspiration from others. There's plenty of templates and ideas that could spark up an idea for you to go and finish the job with a design freely flowing through your brain. Don't feel like you are cheating yourself. It's just the flint to light the flame.

One thing that WILL NOT help you is staring at the screen hoping something clicks. Nothing will click. Guaranteed. You can't force creativity, and if you try to, then the quality of the design won't be as good as it can be. Go away from your screen and take as long as you need to feel refreshed and settled so when you do go back to the screen, the stress of the lack of ideas will be gone.

Use the tools available. Have a play with whatever software you use, even if it doesn't make anything to do with what you have to create, it just helps to explore the possibilities of creation! Maybe find an idea within a tool, like for example a perspective grid. End of the day this is all part of the digital marketing process as you are creating ideas to brand a business. Re-brands form from drafts and many hours of chopping and changing the design.

There's plenty you can do with it and tools that can be explored can light up inspiration.

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