GDPR and Social Media

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) refers to a regulation in the EU law that addresses data protection and privacy of all individuals within the EU. The original, Data Protection Act 1998, seemed a little outdated for the digital era we are currently in. The new GDPR has brought outdated personal laws up to date with our current climate, and updated these laws on how personal data is collected and distributed. This means that companies will have to be more accountable for how they handle personal information. In most cases, they have had to obtain consent in order to process this personal information in the coming months before GDPR came into place.

What does this mean for social media then?

Social media outlets have had to update their privacy policies as a means of preparation. So, while these platforms have privacy notices built into them, social media marketing businesses need to drive education on consent for people using these sites.

What does GDPR mean for social media marketing? 

GDPR rules apply to those individuals using social media and acting on behalf of organisations. This means that a responsibility needs to be taken for any content posted, as social media marketing businesses will be subject to data protection laws.

GDPR also means that targeting adverts at specific people using their personal information on social media is difficult to justify against the law.

But, the main thing to remember is that with your social media marketing businesses you will have to be extra vigilant in staying compliant to GDPR.

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