Flame Photography


As you know, fire can be dangerous if not monitored correctly. Before you begin shooting any kind of flame photography, you need to make sure you have safety precautions in place such as a damp towel or bucket of water on hand just in case something was to happen.

It is best to use large outdoor spaces when photographing fire so that you can be almost certain nothing will catch on fire and get out of your control.

Where to Begin

Now that you have a location in mind and safety precautions in place, it's time to plan out your imagery. An easy place to start would be with candles. A small flame to practice with until you master your camera settings before moving onto bigger ideas.

Candles may be small but they still give off a lot of light. Try placing objects next to the candle and have them be illuminated by the flickering flame. You could even shoot close-ups of the flame with a macro lens.

Subject Matter

Now's the time to think about where in the photo's composition you'd like the fire to sit, foreground, background, the main focal point or even just as a source of light to illuminate different subject matters. Try having the flames as different positions and see which best suits your unique tastes.

Colour of Flame

Different heat intensities of flames give off different colours, for example, the flame on a cooker hob has a blue flame at the centre of the source, whereas a candle flame will only produce orange flames. You could even experiment with different chemicals as they will give different colours to the flame. Sodium chloride (table salt) will produce a yellow flame, Borax will turn the flame green and using a salt substitute will change the flame purple.


You can add this effect in afterwards quite easily with a few brushes or overlays on your chosen editing software such as Photoshop, or you could use something that produces a lot of smoke such as dry ice or even a smoke machine. Use it to add depth and realism to your photos.


When it comes to photographing one of nature's wildest forms make sure you take the required safety measures before capturing images. In the end, you will end up with some really decent imagery perfect for creative designs and digital marketing content whether that be for personal use or business. Try photographing different subjects as it will help to create stunning unique imagery.


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