Writing Special Copy – Friday The 13th

For our first article, we will be covering Friday the 13th and be suggesting some ways you can work this superstitious holiday into your copywriting, digital marketing and graphic design.

Friday the 13th has arrived once again, a day that many regards with suspicion and fear. It is a day associated with bad luck and negativity, a day that has become a phobia called paraskevidekatriaphobia.

The fear of Friday the 13th leads to people staying at home, less travel, cancelled appointments and other such change in circumstances.

You can give it a positive spin.

Make use of the day and promote a product, service or just engage with potential customers via social media.

Posting content about horror legends such as Jason to create conversation, talking about luck and fate, all of this can be worked into your copy for a particular days blog, social posts or even imagery. Maybe you should get some of your employees to watch famous horror movies and write up a review or vlog.

Going for the supernatural, spooky effect can give an extra spark to your company's profile and help you to stand out amongst the crowd of usual dull, repetitive marketing trends. If you can get a famous figure involved, even better!

As part of your digital marketing campaign you should be making full use of social media, copywriting, blogs, graphic design and more to build up your audience and generate engagement.

Get involved.

This is the way to create engagement with your customers. Similar to other famous holidays such as Halloween, you can take the initiative and get an edge over your competition.  Not sure what your competition is doing? Just take a look at their social feeds. As for you, ask what peoples favourite horror movies are, give your opinion on a particular movie such as Jason vs Freddie, post ‘spooky’ graphics or even spoof the day with work that plays with the idea i.e ‘How to survive Friday The 13th’ as an infographic.


Friday The 13th doesn't have to be scary. You can own the date, get people talking.

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