World Cup Fans Hooked on Social Media

Fifa has expanded their social media footprint to reach out to fans around the world to discuss the hot talking points in the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, it's not only social media that is very active it turns out that and the FIFA apps have also received over 130 million users since the start of the tournament!

Russia the host nation and their fans have spent an average of 40 minutes on the digital platforms. The evidence of the success of the tournament is the insane fact of 10 million new fans have joined fifa social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Overall the growth of Fifa's overall strategy to reach out and engage with more fans around the globe. The evidence is there that the digital initiatives with social media, with the apps and the website content, has engaged more fans than ever before which has allowed them to post the views and even create some funny content about what they've just seen either a meme or a little video clip etc. 16 languages are followed across Twitter and 200,000 fans have been engaged in Facebook groups. The engagement is proper as well because 1000,000 questions or comments have been answered so far!

In addition, the FIFA YouTube channel has been active too, posting match highlights and exclusive content of players interviews, manager press conferences and match previews as well as throwbacks to previous Fifa World cups.

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