Why Users & Brands Love Social Media

So how is social media platforms dominating traditional media? 
Because social media provides a personalised platform that allows users to connect, create and share content and react to news they care about. Traditional marketing is only a one-way communication because the listener can only simply listen whereas with social media provides the opportunity for mass communication by the users and all the followers so its a two-way communication like an actual conversation. Another thing you have got to look at is that when a person is scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, they are actively engaged as they are staring intensely at the screen, however, the challenge is ensuring the users stop on the content when they are scrolling. Social signals provide a wealth of real-time data, enabling social media intelligence and optimisation.
The future of social media
Moving forward there are techniques in order to continue to improve with audiences which are a content producer today, which means if a brand wants to be relevant and effective, the content creation needs to be optimised for mobile and which is crucial for posting online content multiple times a day. Create content that is thumb-stopping for the mobile users and ensure that the image content, the written content is optimised, the same goes for creating a business website.
A prime example of social media now the mainstream media is now evident with the launch of Instagram TV which is basically Instagrams answer to YouTube, the fact that Instagram and YouTube are now prime examples of TV entertainment for free on the move just goes to show the power of social media.


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