Top 5 reasons why you should use Facebook Ads

5. Ease

Facebook provides you with everything if you choose to create content to post as a Facebook Ad. Almost anybody could use Facebook ad manager to run a social media campaign, and if you are implementing quality content you are almost guaranteed results if you do it correctly. You could be running a social media campaign in a number of minutes!  It provides you with the complex data as well and allows you to see all the statistics you require for analysing your results.

4. Price

Advertising campaigns these days can be very costly. The cost to use a billboard in Times Square in New York can cost you up to 4 Million dollars per year (and that’s not including the electricity bill), so the fact that you can reach up to over 1000 peoples screens on Facebook for as little as £10, is almost too good to be true (it actually isn’t though). When marketing on Facebook you can put as much money on as you want, and you choose how you want to do it too. You can even end an unsuccessful advert half way through it running if it’s not doing well enough, and the price per view of the advert is an incredible rate.


3. Engagement

In general, people tend to be more likely to do something if it is easier. When was the last time you went to the 9th page of Google to find a website that sells the cheapest pen? The same applies to social media marketing, and the advantage of Facebook Ads over other social media platforms when it comes to creating paid ads. If you saw a banner on the side of a bus it would take you a lot of effort to take your phone out and google that business. However, if a potential customer sees your advert on Facebook they can click the link and go straight to your Facebook page or your website. The customer doesn’t have to remember a number or a name, it’s just right in front of them. If this isn’t an advantage enough of itself, you can even add CTA buttons to your advert that go directly to pages or even the products you may be selling.

2. Analysis

Facebook gives you the ability to heavily analyse your paid ads through the analytic tools they provide. With other forms of paid social media campaigns, you can only really measure your success by a direct boost in sales. With some forms of paid marketing, you have no guarantee of how many people will even see your advert. However, when using Facebook ad manager you have the ability to fully analyse your advert. If you are advertising a video, you can see how many people clicked off the video, how many people skipped the video, how many people watched the video to the end. This kind of insight can be brilliant for a business and allows you to build a brand easily on the success or failure of an advert. You can even see how many people click through to your Facebook page and your website which is crucial for businesses


Probably the best reason of all to advertise on Facebook is the reach. Facebook gives you an exceptional amount of choice with exactly who you can advertise so that your business can easily target your audience directly. For example, you can target people based on their exact location, their gender, age, and then specific demographics such as their lifestyle and interests. You can even decide your market based on specific behaviour, for instance, you can advertise directly to people based on their purchase behaviour, education and employment. If your primary market has any type of definitive trait, you will probably be able to utilise this with Facebook Ads.

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