Why is Social Media Optimisation Required?

The second reason why social media optimisation is important to a business is to create content based on keywords that you are ranking to improve your position on the search engine rankings.

So how do search engines include social media in their results?

Social networking

Analytic tools such as Google Analytics provide data reports on the volume of traffic coming from all the social media platforms Facebook Twitter LinkedIn, YouTube Pintrest, Instagram and Google +.


Now videos can be tagged with keywords and the descriptions can be the perfect opportunity to add keywords too and when this is shared on Youtube already you are creating links to webpages on your website and sharing to the other social media platforms which will boost the social media traffic onto your website. In the reports this can be shown as social media traffic results and it will pick up on how many views of your videos and subscribers you have. Now is if there is a video that becomes popular with a specific keyword then boom say hello to your new leads.


Blogging platforms allow users to create small websites such as blogger. Now having blogs on your website daily will boost SEO if you use the correct keywords wisely and have good internal links with tagged images, this will boost your website in search engine rankings.


If user searches are in the form of questions then forums have that question asked already which will lead the search engine to pull up the answer to the question you have searched near the top on page 1 on the rankings. A good example of this is Google Q&A.

Social bookmark

Social bookmarking sites allow you to add and store website links within the inner pages of your websites an internal link would be an example where someone could be reading your home page with a link to a service or product you provide that is relevant to the paragraph you have just read on the homepage.


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