Why did Google+ fail where Facebook Thrives?

Way back in 2011 when Facebook was rapidly approaching the one billion active users mark, Google made their last-ditch effort to beat back its online rival with the launch of a rival social network called Google+. The service unmistakably resembled Facebook, though with some novel additions, including more customised sharing options and group video chats.

Seven years later, Google+ the also ran social network that Google was never willing to let die is finally being moved to the company’s trash folder, joining previously abandoned social products like Google Reader, Wave, Buzz and Orkut.

Now, lets get into other reasons that Facebook succeeds at social media, whereas Google does not.

This is All Facebook Does

Companies doing one thing will always do better than companies that try to do a million things. Facebook is and always has been about social networking. Google on the other hand already has its fingers in a million and one pies, whether it be search, advertising, online video content, music, mobile phones, Google has already either had a go at it or are currently working on it.

 People don’t want to manage groups

When it comes to Facebook’s groups feature, “everyone who is in the group knows who everyone else is in the group,” said Zuckerberg. Google’s equivalent, Circles, lets you put people in particular circles, but they don’t know which circles they are in or who else is in them. Plus, sometimes you can simply follow people. Overall, it’s a time consuming and has little focusing.

Everybody is on Facebook already NOT Google+

Phillip Su, the engineer who worked on Facebook video chat, said it is a one button click to any friend “on the social network that already has all your friends.” That was never the case with Google+.

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